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Sunday, April 26, 2009

this mess and more...

After reading what I have to say, if you'd like me to step down and let someone else take over this blog, just say the word and it's done. No hard feelings. With that said, here goes.
I believe in a Creator. I believe we all were created equal. I also believe we all evolve in different ways. To grow in our understanding. Occasionally I take the time to talk to the Creator. I don't like the state of affairs this world is in. We seem to be caught in a net. I believe this can change if enough people change their thinking and actions. We've allowed others to decide for us as if we were babies. WTF's up with that? Aren't we adults with minds to think for ourselves?
We need to get out of this net and think for ourselves. I ask the Creator why the world is in such a mess. Why do we all fight all the time? Country against country. Brother and sister against each other. The answer I received is that man brought it on himself. That is hard to swallow, nevertheless it is the truth. And we, the common people, are not the only ones to blame. We can blame the greedy leaders of our institutions, churches and religious institutions, and government for deliberately misleading us. It's about keeping us enslaved for money, politics, and power. They feed us the bait and we eat it every freakin' time, just like sheep.
I don't have any proof, but it seems to me that if avian, swine and human flu mix together it must have been done in a lab somewhere, and if that's so, WHICH I'M NOT SAYING IT IS, but it seems to me like that might be bio-warfare. I'm not using the words lightly, nor am I making accusations. But for them to be together, to be supposedly to hit on a certain date, for there to be practice scenarios, and for the governments to be concerned about a world wide pandemic...something must be going on. Oh yeah, but then I forgot, sometimes I get paranoid. Perhaps that's all it is. Gods but I hope that's all it is. Hell I don't know anything. This is just supposition on my part. But it does all bear thinking about.
I'm tired of all the war, and it seems as if in some ways, it's just getting started...

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American Prepper said...

Those are very valid and just beliefs, I dont think any reason to step down. Keep up the good work! We also have a new site up dedicated to updating information on the swine flu. http://swine-flu-epidemic.blogspot.com/ feel free to use any articles we put up, also feel free to submit any articles you'd like to see posted.


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