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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

date setting

I was reading an email which had a link to another site. I clicked and listened to the videos. I gotta say, I damn near freaked out, over the freakin' date! I don't call myself a Christian, but I do believe in a Creator. I also know that our thoughts have much to do with what we perceive as our own personal reality. I hope for the best.
And with that said, I believe we had best be prepared. If my thoughts seem to be disjointed, please just bear with me. I have ADHD, so sometimes I suppose it's kinda hard to follow my reasoning at time. If you have a hard time with it, just think how my daughters felt when they were growing up, and now the grandkids. LOL
Ok. Revelations talks about a few things happening before the NWO happens. While I'm not a Christian, I do have a relationship with the Creator, and I do believe much of the Bible (KJV) is true. I also believe the Mayans calendar is correct as far as it goes. I have studied the history of the calendar, and it seems to be off by 3-3.5 years. The Mayan Calender stops at 2012, Dec. 12. They correlated the Mayan Calendar with our calendar. If our calendar is off by 3-3.5 years, then so is their calculations. The Planet X they speak of is spoken of in ancient history of the Sumerians. (I'm trying to tie this all together.) Again, with all tat said, there are things that must happen, and they have to be in order. I mean, certain events lead to other events. It's a fact that mankind has totally made a muddle of thinks, it's not totally fubar yet. I suppose you're wondering what all this has to do with being prepared, and with survival. Just this. I know things are bad, and I would like them to be better for all of us. I told my oldest daughter my concerns, and this is what she said. "Mom, you know better. You can be prepared and that's fine. But don't go thinking bad all the time, because what you focus on is what you bring to yourself." This is all too true, as I've found over the years. I've got two daughters, and they've both went back to school now that their kids are a little older. I would like to see them finish school, and make things better for themselves. I'm proud of them. To think things are so f'd up that it makes no difference is just plain depressing, so much so that I was ready to bug out to the nearest mountain top. In other words, I was in a panic state. That is totally unacceptable. I will continue to prepare, physically, mentally and spiritually. I will continue to run my online info businesses. But I refuse to allow myself to panic and freak out. I have things to do, and that ain't one of 'em.
Now back to the date setting. Whatever happens will only happen when it's supposed to. Regardless of their plans.
It is good to be prepared, and bad to freak out.

1 comment:

Humble wife said...

Well I agree with you somewhat. Times are rapidly coming to an end, but if you read Revelation it is like reading the news today.

I am preparing but not troubled, but saddened. As a Christian I am comforted knowing that a real Rest is coming. I believe the bible cover to cover...and I do feel tremendous grief for those who have no clue as to what is coming.

Great Post as so many years and years ago the Mayans knew that something(someone- Christ) was going to happen. They did not know Christ, but they did understand history. I pray we do!

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