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Friday, March 27, 2009

survival site is up

Hi All,
I finally got the survival and preparedness site up. More links will be added as I get them. The camping site is also up. The only thing on it is a camping cookbook, more will be added later. I'm accepting affiliates for the cookbook. You can make 33% for each camping cookbook you sell.
I have still have a shitload of stuff to get done. But hey, it beats the hell out of watching TV all day. Yes I know ppl who do that crap, and they bitch at me, and I quote "You're on that PC all day. I don't see how you can stand it. I'd go nuts." They can sit on they're duffs and watch Tv, but bitch at me for trying to make things better for myself. You can't run a business unless you spend time running it. Besides, like I tell them, as long as I'm on the PC, I'm not out there getting my ass in trouble. I get strange looks over that statement. But I know me. They apparently don't. Besides, I like the PC.
Enough bitching.

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