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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I wanted to comment on this letter to the editor. People have a right to home school their kids.
I actually was thinking of reading an article and commenting on it a few times a week. I decided to do that and now, I'm sitting here wondering why I chose this article. Maybe because it deals with our rights, but also because it's another example of being lied to by our politicians.
They make a lot of promises to get the votes, but when they don't keep them, the answer goes invariable something like this, "I kept as many as I was able to." Maybe.
I don't think you can trust anyone who lies to you. That is just my personal opinion.
I suppose part of this anger I'm feeling is based on the prez not keeping his word. "We'll bring our soldiers home...", he says, and now what's he doing? Sending them to war. What a freakin' liar. I'm sorry. I hope this doesn't reflect on any other preppers, it isn't meant to. But it is my personal feelings.
More on this and other subjects later. Preferably more well written.

Link to following letter to editor

Home-schooling transcends party
Daniel Faiella, Northwood

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Letter to the editor Letter to editor

For the Monitor
March 25, 2009 - 12:00 am

On March 5 I attended the executive session of the New Hampshire House Education Committee. I was there as a home-schooled student to see the vote on House Bills 367 and 368.

These bills, if passed, would increase regulation on home-schoolers throughout the state. Many home-schoolers and others have expressed their disapproval of these bills to their representatives.

While I was happy to hear that many representatives had told their constituents that they would vote against both bills, I was surprised to see that when HB 368 came to a vote, some did not vote the way they had told their constituents they would.

The issue of home-schooling transcends party lines. We must allow our commitment to freedom and diversity, and not party politics, to be the driving force in supporting home-schoolers in the state.



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