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Friday, December 3, 2010

Mainstay Emergency Food Ration Bar

Here are the Mainstay ration bars.

Between last night and today, ate one of the 3 block bars... 1200 calories... reminded me of a shortbread type cookie with a hint of lemon. Granted I'm not the most picky eater but I didnt think they were terrible. Couple of those in the Bug-out-bag and you've got human fuel for 2 days easy. One small downside is that unlike the Datrex bars, they are not individually wrapped however you can purchase them in different sizes so any amount not used could be minimized. Chances are good anyway that if you are breaking into an emergency ration bar that not finishing the whole package is the least of your worries. Size, weight make them more efficient IMO than MRE's.

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